Accommodation information

szallasAt our accommodation 2 pc ground floor and 2 apartments on the first floor are available to our dear guests.

A 4 apartment is complemented by a friendly lounge and a tea room.

The rooms have a terrace furnished with comfortable garden furniture, or a balcony opens.

Each apartment has a spacious shower and a well-equipped kitchenette.

When designing the living areas, we tried to incorporate natural materials, such as stone and wood.

The rooms have parquet floors, where we want to ensure rest with organic bed linen and allergy-free bedding.

Many foreign language programs are available on SAT televisions. Ingyenes WIFI elérhetőség.

Szállás díja – 2023:

Pre-season (01. 03 – 07. 01.): 8.500 HUF/person/night

Season (07. 01 – 08. 30.): 9.500 HUF/person/night

Postseason (09. 01 – 12. 24.): 8.500 HUF/person/night

On holidays (Easter, Pentecost) – hosszú hétvégéken: 9.500 HUF/person/night

For children:(6-14 and until age): 4.000 HUF/person/night

The above price depends on the season, the arriving persons-, and the number of nights spent.

The price does not include the local tourist tax, the extent of which 590 HUF/person/night (18 over a year).