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​We would like to introduce our apartment house to our guests who want to heal and relax.

The building was built on an old park plot, to ensure a pleasant climate by fully protecting the vegetation.

The apartment is after the resorts on the Mátyás király promenade, it is located in a quiet place, from which 150 meters away is a tennis center, ABC store and for meals, there are restaurants suitable for musical entertainment.

In the closed yard 5 Parking for cars is provided.

He likes the demanding environment and the complete relaxation provided in the thermal bath, We welcome our guests wishing to heal all year round.


At our accommodation 2 pc ground floor and 3 apartments on the first floor are available to our dear guests.


take a look at, what program opportunities await you in Hajdúszoboszló and the surrounding area!


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Get to know our accommodation!

an apartment 1.

an apartment 4.

an apartment 2.

an apartment 5.

an apartment 3.