Kisfaludy Tender

The subsidized project is implemented in the framework of the Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program.

Beneficiary name: Ivánné Benkő Katalin Ibolya

Title of supported project, 4200 Hajdúszoboszló Bánomkerti út 60.

Application identification number: TFC-M-1.1.2-2020-12168

The amount of the contracted support: 5.000.000 Ft

Amount of support: 100%

Brief presentation of the content of the supported project: Air conditioning installation 5 pcs, painter, painting work, conversion of balcony railing, repair of wooden structures, gardening,renovation, LED TV, modernizing the purchase of a refrigerator.,

End date of the supported project: in progress


At our accommodation 2 pc ground floor and 3 apartments on the first floor are available to our dear guests.


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an apartment 1.

an apartment 4.

an apartment 2.

an apartment 5.

an apartment 3.