Programmes in Hajdúszoboszló

Besides the thermal spa famous for its healing water and one of the biggest aquaparks of Eastern Europe, you can enjoy several nice programs.

Bioétel- és Borfesztivál

One of the most popular program is the Organic Food and Wine Festival, where you can enjoy food specialities made of organic materials and wines from high-class wineries, and folk and modern music concerts will entertain the guests.

Grill and beer festival

Traditional and special meal lovers will also find their favourites, and you will find refreshing the draft or bottled beer together with the different meat and vegetable dishes.

Castle games of Hajdúszoboszló

Original castle siege with cannons, throwing machine, archers and armored knights and warriors representing the different ages.

The night of museums

The purpose of this program series is to bring forward from behind the showcase glasses the treasures of history, folk art, and fine art, to make the objects of the past the subjects of adventures of today, to get them to talk with us, to talk to us, to tell us the tales of old times and the people of old times!